Proverbs 31:25

"Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come."

A Pessimist’s Future

I completely agree that Copeland is very pessimistic in his article,

"A radical pessimist’s guide to the next 10 years." 

He address every issue that could arise, ever, but he does so in a disheartening tone and feeling. The article literally starts with “It’s going to get worse.” 

I understand his logic and somewhat agree with him on certain problems, but I still have a bit of hope that the future will not be as terrible as he expects. The sense of flying cars and robots still briefly exist in my imagination. 

But being 100% real, Copeland makes tons of sense. Our world is going to continue to grow and change. By “our world” I specifically mean, technology, sciences, society, job markets, and the environment. Life as we know it now is not going to be like it was then. Just like how the 2000s have not been near to the same as the beloved 90s. 

My favorite point that Copeland makes is #26, “Being alone will become easier.” That is something that I see happening around me daily. This is a point that Copeland hit dead on. Technology is beginning to take over and people are losing their sense of face to face communication. Children in this next generation will not know what it is like to be sociable and have good etiquette. They will not be able to hold a conversation because individuals will prefer to be alone. And that to me is the most disheartening attribute that will be arising out of them all. 

Different Ways of Thinking About The Future

In my opinion, there are three different ways that you could think about the future. These three ways being positive, negative and indifferent. Some individuals may agree with one or more, but some may just have one stance on the idea. 

Beginning with the positives, people may see the future as an exciting and growing time in not just technology but in all aspects like the food industry, healthcare, etc. If they feel positive about it, they would agree that new technology arising is going to help everyday lives out tremendously and make it simpler.

Next would be the people who fear the future and see it quite differently from the positives. Some people could view the future as a negative thing and feel that it is not going to help the country or economy at all, but in turn destroy it and the hardworking people. A belief might be that it is going to turn people “lazy.” Also, a possible problem could be putting too much money into machinery and that failing, putting people at risk for debt.   

Lastly, you have those who cannot decide what they feel. Is the future going to hold great things for the world or is the future going to be a scary place? Are workers going to have to go back to living like the “old-timers” did because things did not work out like expected or is new technology going to make the world an easier place to live? 

Janetta Kelly 
English 102
C. Ramsey
10 Jan 2014 

mhm <3

mhm <3


Second post of this. If you know the brand or its whereabouts please fill a girl in. LOVE. 

Have you tried They usually have swim suits like this. :)


Second post of this. If you know the brand or its whereabouts please fill a girl in. LOVE. 

Have you tried They usually have swim suits like this. :)

Tom&#8217;s are the best for everything. 

So I take it that the new music video for Stay is a sequel to Oh Well Oh Well?

Only because, the girl that jumped off the cliff in oh well oh well is obviously hurt, like this girl, and would be wet, like this girl. And with brown hair, once again like this girl. Plus Derek was the lover in the Oh Well Oh Well video, and he is in this video. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve got this figured out. 


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